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Tracy McKay, "Coach TMAC",  has over 30 years of experience training and developing athletes for beginner, intermediate and world class
events.  He has successfully combined and leveraged his background in counseling/organizational psychology with his expertise as an endurance athlete and coach.  

Premature at birth, he weighed only 5lbs.  
  "I wasn't much of an athletic kid.  I wheezed when I ran to the point of falling to the ground.  I was too small to play 
football effectively and I was terrified of a baseball!".  At 12 years of age he rode his bicycle 42 miles for a charity event and finally at the age of 19 completed his first triathlon.  "I remember swimming out in into the Gulf of Mexico on an overcast day during jellyfish season.  We swam straight out 1/4 mile and back running into people who were stopped trying to brush away the swarms of jellyfish!"  He later began training for triathlons with ALL AMERICAN TRIATHLETE Therese Bynum, race director and owner of TEAM MAGIC.  

  -  I lived off my bike in a 1 room studio. No TV, no computer or laptop just a radio and 2 bikes.  I worked as a lifeguard in the morning and a waiter at night where I would steal food from the unfinished entrees that had not quite made it to the garbage. Good times, good times...

All I did was 
In 1995 he opened up the first JOHNNY G. certified/ SPINNING studio in Alabama.  Since then he has taught over 8000 fitness classes pushing the indoor cycling craze into 9 different gyms throughout the state of Alabama. 'I even spent time with John Cobb, the guy who fitted Lance Armstrong, Phinney, Molina, Paula Newby-Frazier, Lemond and even the Rabobank team.  I learned how to fit bikes through him and then tweaked the process using COMPUTRAINER and feedback from a few physical therapists.  I was already coaching athletes but suddenly 
found myself
 teaching 14 SPIN classes per week and it was taking its toll on everything and everyone around me.  I thought all this riding has to account for something.  That's when I heard that there was a "record" of 13 hours or such for racing across the state.  I was entranced and became hyper focussed on breaking that record.  Thats another story, but 'YES' my crew and I crossed that line at 10:36 averaging 21.3mph for 225 miles.  The next thing you know Im getting phone calls from people looking for RAAM partners and crew members.  
TMAC has completed over 185 endurance events.  He holds 3 state cycling records, 2 IRONMAN finishes, 2 RAAM finishes, a TNGA finish in 2020 and most recently a 10th place finish at the 2021 FULGAZ Virtual World TT Championships posting 351 miles in just 20.5 hours before a knee injury.  TMAC now serves athletes all over the world as coach, personal advisor and 'director sportif'.   
 I make myself available 24/7 for my athletes and my training programs are customized to meet their needs.  I absolutely love watching my athletes transform and cross finish lines they never thought they would cross. The results speak for themselves

He can be reached on Facebook,  and via text. 1 205 914 3020 CST.     SPACE IS LIMITED So get your inquiry in early.