What to expect

Heart rate, power, strain, load, fatigue, sleep patterns etc., etc., all play a role in guiding how/ when & where you should be training.  Sometimes all that data and worry about "getting your workout in" can be a bit overwhelming.  

I'll help you sort it out, no worries.

After a thorough assessment, TMAC begins to design a customized training program that is centered around your
bodies need to recover and supports your overall endeavor.
You complete the workouts and then I interpret the data.  
Along with the data, I need to hear and understand from YOU what you are experiencing.  We'll communicate weekly using video chat, text, whatever it takes.  This makes the training more personal and the sense of accountability is threefold.  

I'll also 
help you avoid the BS and hold you accountable.

Intake interview
Customized  training schedule

(delivered via GOOGLE CALENDAR) 
Weekly updates
Weekly video chat
24/7 availability via text