improving self-efficacy through endurance sports and fitness

Our athletes are just like you.  

They are mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters.  They maybe students or business owners just like you.

Just like you, they are in search of something. Its not found at the finish line, it's found in the training and preparation that gets them to the finish line.  Our athletes have their own reasons, just like you, for getting up & pushing themselves unlike anyone else, and then, they accomplish extra-ordinary things.  Here are just a few of their accomplishments:

3x   Guiness World Record / Ultra Cycling
7x   State Records/ current
28x National Age Group Championships / Triathlon

3x   Senior Nationals / Cycling
7x   Transcontinental crossings / Cycling
9x   World Championships / Ultra Cycling
4x   LEADVILLE / Mountain Biking
4x   RAAM finishes

3x   TNGA Rookie finishes / Ultra distance Bikepacking
26x IRONMAN triathlons
2x   ULTRA SPICE / INDIA / Ultra Cycling
1x   vRAAM / Ultra cycling



Tracy McKay has over 30 years of experience.  He has successfully merged his background in counseling/organizational psychology with his expertise as an endurance athlete and coach.   In 1995 he opened up the first JOHNNY G. certified/ SPINNING studio in Alabama and since then he has taught over 8000 fitness classes and helped push the indoor cycling craze throughout the state of Alabama.  He serves athletes all over the world as coach, personal advisor and race strategist.  He currently holds 3 state cycling records, 2 IRONMAN plus 2 RAAM finishes to his name.  You can find him on FB LIVE teaching indoor cycling and general fitness and on 2 of his YOUTUBE CHANNELS 

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